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Bleed - Laurie Faria Stolarz Bleed involves the lives of teenagers, young adults and the string of connectivity that runs between them. The author gives each individual a chance to tell his or her own story or at least the part of the story they want you to see and know, but we are also offered glimpses of the other characters through the stories told by those around them. The book tells the story of crushes, rumors, eating disorders, abuse, sexual identity, unknown identity, friendship, lost hope, new love and so much more. I loved some of the stories more than others and I liked some of the people more than others but that is what makes this book such a worthy read. Every character is flawed just like real life, everyone feels joy and pain, everyone has the potential to cause happiness and hurt, essentially, we all bleed. The stories don't wrap up with happy endings and the characters skipping off to a place of sunshine. You close the book realizing you were provided without any answers, without any solutions and the lives of these people, their troubles, dangers and joys will continue after you close the book. I respect that, I respect an author that isn't propelled to make everything okay at the end just to put the reader at ease, a touch of reality, even in our fiction, is good for us every once in a while.