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False Premises - Leslie Caine This is the second book in the Domestic Bliss Mystery series and while I found the lead character, Erin, slightly annoying during her first outing she was almost unbearable this time around, a late twenty something quickly going on 13 or even 3. The mystery is rather complex involving a great many coincidences, five degrees of separation, murder, arson and possible con artists. I kept reading for the mystery and only for the mystery, which was quite good but marred by characterization. I actually wondered if the author was so far removed from being a late twenty something woman that her characters frequent self-described "ungracious behavior, snapping, almost snapping, struggling to not lose her temper, fuming, gritting her teeth" and I could keep going with plenty more examples from the book, is how she actually believes women make their way through the world. All of the actions and reactions I described happened in the first 130 pages of a 325-page book but the same behavior pattern continues through to the end. There was even a page where the character "almost snapped" at the top and then actually “snapped” a paragraph later. This behavior is all the more unbearable when told to the reader from a first person perspective because there isn't a moment you spend sympathizing with the lead rather you spend all your time feeling sorry for her friends and acquaintances. This character needs either a behavioral therapist, anger management classes or to grow up - probably all three.