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Manor of Death - Leslie Caine Talk about a turnaround, the author seriously tamed her main protagonist's overblown ego and frequent unnecessary tantrums, going so far as to have the character realize that most of her outbursts were brought on by her own raging ego rather than things others had done. The character was so pleasant for the first 200 pages that for the first time in the history of the series I wasn't distracted by an infuriating character and found the read rather enjoyable, however the new human Erin is obviously going to need more than one book to banish all of her unappealing and barely readable demons. Fortunately, the story was so intriguing and the writing so crisp that I persevered, luckily the tantrums and outbursts while appearing were sparse. The writing in this series has always been crisp but the writer needs to find descriptive words outside of sexy, sensuous, and luxurious to describe furniture and room designs, while she's at it she might want to reconsider including four and five pages of decorating descriptions that add nothing to or forward the plot in any way. It's interesting to note that the character hasn't once in the three books of this series I've read been correct in solving the murder and that reality mars her conviction in her own superiority. The mystery and writing was an absolute four to five and that makes me happy since I've committed to a buddy read of the entire series. The characters outside of the main were also enjoyable and while the main character was better this time around and I hope it lasts and she grows as the series ages and ripens she did still annoy beginning at the 200 page mark but this book was a triumph compared to the dismal failure of the previous outing. It can only get better, right?