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Murder is Binding - Lorna Barrett The book was a slow starter that never really grabbed me. I tried to read the book earlier in the summer and I just never could connect with that mysterious something that draws us into a fictional world. I wasn’t as much left cold by the book as much as having a strong sense of just plodding along until the end but I thought maybe it was my mood and picked it up again this week for a future Group Read. The setting is a great one that I imagine appeals to all readers and though I’d never want to live in such a town, I’m sure I’d visit regularly. The characters suffered at the hands of the plot and often seemed shallow and annoying, especially Tricia and her hard to handle pessimism in the books opening chapters. I actually found Tricia's sister, Angelica, to be the more tolerable and entertaining sister. There were some interesting building blocks in this book that should play well in future installments but I don’t know that I’ll read another, as I was underwhelmed.