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3 Willows: The Sisterhood Grows - Ann Brashares After reading this book, I’m not surprised the author used the Traveling Pants popularity to try to bolster, the weak plot and tolerable characters. The mention of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was nothing more than a marketing ploy and did nothing to enhance or even amplify the plot of this book, in fact, the very mention was unnecessary and unutilized, more product placement that plot device. The new “sisterhood,” a group of three friends drifting apart as high school approaches, is dull and trite when compared to the original. They are whiny, cliché, and annoying without comparing them to anyone or anything, although, to be fair there are moments of brightness, flashes of interest, but their lives and their story is at times put in shadow by the more interesting problems and dynamic of their parents. There is Ama, the brainy beauty with nothing but academic success on her mind; Jo, the athletic golden girl desperate for popularity; and Polly, the eccentric obsessive quirky beauty, nothing we haven’t seen before and Brashares does nothing to make them standout from a crowd of teens in scores of other young adult books. The plot resolution seemed too simple and too easy given the grandeur of some conflicts, but perhaps this book serves as the starting point for a new series, I can’t imagine how or even why, but here’s hoping Brashares discovers some of her old magic before proceeding.