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Death and the Lit Chick - G.M. Malliet The mystery aspect was as interesting and well written as the series opener and the supporting cast was delightfully colorful, save one. The one, with the too too cute, name was unfortunate since she garnered a great deal of the narrative but lacked any depth or roundness, she was in fact so completely lacking in personality that St. Just's constant mentions, notices and ponderings of and about her became at points intolerable, not to mention pointless and my reading suffered. I love the writing, which strings words together in such a clever and compelling way, and I love the series, which holds great potential, but felt this entry was bogged down by a clumsy, unbelievable and unfortunate romantic subplot, the book was better when St. Just kept his mind on the case and the cast of characters around him. I hope the great plots and characters continue - I hope this romance does not but I fear it will.