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The Riesling Retribution - Ellen Crosby As always, the mystery plots were intriguing and difficult to unravel though at least one culprit was obvious from their first appearance and Crosby did nothing to hide their sliminess from the reader or most of the other characters so the ultimate reveal lacked power and excitement without diminishing enjoyment or tainting the other unanswered questions. The ongoing secondary plots and relationships continued to develop in a pleasing and interesting way but Lucie’s gullibility; an unquestioned and puzzling willingness to believe the word of almost strangers, and continued questionable interactions and interest with and in new men book after book makes me question her emotional intelligence, which showed little sign of growth until the closing chapters. In a way, Lucie’s character seemed stagnant while everyone around her continues to grow and surprise.

The book left me with mixed feelings, mostly positive but a bit exasperated as well. A 3.5.