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Sprinkle with Murder - Jenn McKinlay The limited cast of characters and one bang you over the head clue made the murderer's identity ridiculously obvious but the characters saved the day. The poorly hidden clue, because there was only one, is something this author needs to work on as the same problem appeared in the first book of her other series, Stuck on Murder by Lucy Lawrence, albeit in the Lawrence book the clue happened before the murder. The plot was a light, fast and enjoyable read but there was one aspect that was just so unbelievable and dare I say, a little stupid, even more unbelievable than a former marketing exec now owner/cupcake baker solving a mystery that befuddled the police. Reading cozy mysteries means you put aside some of your incredulity when it comes to amateur crime solvers but this particular plot point wasn't worthy of inclusion or consideration. Read for the great characters, there wasn't a bad one in the bunch save the actual bad ones. I'll read the next and hope the author does a better job of planting clues, creating red herrings and making me at least momentarily doubt the murderer's identity.