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The Future of Us - Jay Asher, Carolyn Mackler Highly unlikeable and unsympathetic female protagonist who lacked the ability to apologize or see her own flaws made the second half of the book almost unbearable. When she finally did see the error of her ways the character was beyond any hope of redemption, plus her eureka moment came on too suddenly to be believable. The idea held a great deal of potential, so it was unfortunate to watch it turn into a standard angst filled teen romance novel weighed down by problems with characterization and unfulfilled promise.

Mackler has delivered quality work time and time again, so I'm not sure what hampered this effort. Asher wrote a compelling novel in his own right, but it also had problems creating a likable and sympathetic female lead. However, in Asher's case the plot and his lead male protagonist more than made up for that flaw, but sadly here it does not. I look forward to future novels by both of these talented writers, but perhaps not together.