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The Christie Curse - Victoria Abbott This was certainly a solid first in series, but I'm not totally sold. Jordan is certainly a likable enough lead, but she she'll need more depth to sustain a series. Vera and the Signora Panettone seemed as though the stepped out of the classic mysteries of old and I warmed to them quickly. The Uncles were a hoot, but the potential love interest/librarian was pure caricature. He was the stuff of fantasy, a blow up Ken doll complete with snazzy wardrobe. He lacked a discernible personality and he wasn't vital to the plot. What he brought to the story Jordan could have accomplished on her own. The plot was a little too long for what turned out to be an obvious solution. I was more fascinated by the mystery of Jordan's past than the one right in front of me, which is both good and bad. It's good because I'll be eager to resolve the mystery of Jordan's life, but bad because it means the book's main mystery wasn't compelling enough to hold my attention. I hope in the future more of the book will be dedicated to the search for rare books because in this one it really wasn't anything more than the story starter. My reaction is lukewarm, but I'll likely give the second book a try.