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Wave Good-bye - Lila Dare I'm having a hard time believing this series entry was written by the same person who authored the previous three books. When did Grace become so pathetic, so whiny, so unlikeable, and frankly so idiotic and devoid of self-respect. What happened? It seems like a complete personality transplant. This book was difficult to finish and I considered relegating it to my "Do Not Finish Ever" digital shelf, but I thought this can't possibly continue. Grace became slightly more palatable as the book progressed, but so much damage was done to her character.

A character who thinks so highly of her physicality and exterior, and Grace does it often enough, should try to cultivate a strength of character and self-worth to match. It's rather sad that a woman who actively allows herself to be treated as a disposable blow-up doll would harp on the physicality of a successful woman.

The mystery was serviceable, but incredibly anticlimactic. The mystery was certainly not enough to make up for a transformed Grace, a domesticated Marsh, and all the dizzying subplots. Sam was a welcome addition, but he was the only one. The major subplots where basically resolved in the predictable happy ending way one would expect.

A few days ago I was debating between starting this or another book, obviously this won, but in the words of the Grail Knight from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, I chose poorly.