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Going, Going, Ganache - Jenn McKinlay Cozy mysteries require a certain suspension of belief and there's nothing wrong with that, but when reality rides in the trunk and melodrama steers the vehicle, well . . . I have a problem. Melodrama cannot be tamed by attempts at humor. Melodrama cannot be undone by epiphany. Melodrama is just bad. I'm tired of trumped up personal problems to extend subplots, to create false entanglements, and that are blindingly obvious. I saw what was coming before Mel woke up the next morning. I knew what was coming and where's the fun in that. There's no fun in that and there's never any fun in . . . well, I can't say without spoiling it for other readers, so I'll just quietly roll me eyes and sigh long and hard and think why. I've enjoyed this series up until now and I will certainly read the next, but its time to put some things to rest and find brand new subplots to explore and extend. I want character growth not reverse evolution. The mystery was a good one, but I hate when the "just there for this mystery" characters are more appealing and interesting than the ones that placed this series on my to buy list. I want grown women who act accordingly and not like some stunted twenty-something on the Bachelorette. I want better. I want what this series was just a book ago. If I were a person that read for plot over character then the mystery would have soothed me, but characterization and their attached subplots just annoyed me. I'll be waiting for the next entry.