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Last Wool and Testament - Molly MacRae I enjoyed this book enough to buy the next in the series right away. Having said that I'm cautiously optimistic because I saw a triangle trying to take shape. Considering it's one of my biggest pet peeves I hope it never comes to fruition. I enjoyed the characters quite a bit and the setting. Kath's bumbling through the mystery, genuine emotion, and grief were well written. Her actions and choices led the plot, which allowed for the beginning character development a first in series needs. The supporting characters and the paranormal aspect were all welcome. The mystery kept me on my toes until the very end. I thought I knew the identity of our murderer. I was so confident I wondered why our protagonist couldn't see what I saw. I was wrong. I prefer it to the obvious solution. Now if only the shape doesn't take shape I can settle in and add a new series to my must read list.