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First-Degree Fudge - Christine DeSmet The least enjoyable book I've read in quite a long while. The main character was unlikeable, the other characters were less than caricature, and the mystery was a bore. The writing style began as spastic and veered into a guidebook featuring the best of small town Wisconsin. The descriptions were boring to read and seemed more like a lecture from a teacher that should have retired long ago. Background information was repeated but changed ever so slightly almost as though two rough drafts were pieced together as a finished product that no one bothered to edit, or the character was doing some revisionist history as the book progressed. I'm not even going to touch the way those with Aspergers were portrayed. The main character constantly made statements and assumptions without any foundation in the factual or real. In fact, every assumption and statement she made was based in delusion and self-serving self-absorption. There were actually moments I had to dig deep to remember the murder victim. I'm not going to bother writing a proper review and I would suggest you not bother reading