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The Dark End of Town

The Dark End of Town - Julia Pomeroy This book was a slow starter but I’m glad I stuck with it until the end because the middle featured great character development, primary and secondary, and an interesting and twisted storyline in the midst of small town America. The too long ending was the book’s only other fault though the twists and final reveal did make up for the lengthy resolution. The story features 32-year-old Abby a former failed model and current waitress as well as a widow still battling some grief and sadness over her husband’s sudden death. She isn’t an overdone prickly character bullying her way into the investigations and she often gets it wrong. Abby is humanly drawn, a believable woman of heart who is clever, witty, endearing, flawed and someone you could befriend. Abby never decides she knows better than the police, her need to investigate is fueled by heart. One odd situation involving a friend plays on Abby’s curiosity, a series of murders and strange thefts draws Abby deeper and of course, closer to danger. Are they connected? Are the thief and murderer the same person? The writing is fluid when it needs to be and confusing and often frenzied when the reader is thrust into the midst of Abby’s dreams. I truly enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read the next, I’m eager to pick up where I left off with Abby and her cast of interesting and flawed friends and acquaintances.