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Murder New York Style

Murder New York Style - Randy Kandel, Anita Page Murder New York Style was a mixed bag. Some, a few really, of the stories were full-bodied, evocative, well crafted and completely engaging, but more often than not they fell flat. The boring and the bad stories contained a host of problems, some stories simply never found their groove, others still made me fell as though I were plopped down blind and deaf as to where the story was going, where it had been or if it even existed as a fully formed idea in the author's head. The worst stories were derivative of bad television movies from my 1980's childhood and seemingly stolen, abused and misused Wilder and Hitchcock film noirs. Then there were the in-between stories, the ones that were neither good nor bad, just utterly forgettable.

Interestingly, the two best stories centered around childhood - Strike Zone by Terrie Farley Moran and The Lie by Anita Page. These two stories were flawless and as I read them I was transported and captivated. Strong honorable mentions go to A Day at a Time by Fran Bannigan Cox, Death Will Clean Your Closet by Elizabeth Zelvin and Out in The Cold by Meredith Cole.

These five short stories saved this collection for me and their authors have won a new fan. I will seek out their other works.